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Mana is a job-hunting app designed to level-up first-time candidates through a value based matching system, catered mentorship, and the dissemination of tribal knowledge.

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Everything you could ever want in a job hunt

Value Based Opportunities



Emotive role matching based on you

By emphasizing traits like personal motivators, searching aggressiveness, and culture fit (once the easy stuff like titles, salary, and location are out of the way), we're able to surface roles that are a true fit for you and the business.

Catered mentorship when you need it most

Once you have an application in progress, one of our carefully vetted mentors will become available to help guide you through your journey with everything from portfolio reviews, to interview prep, to that last little boost of confidence.

Breaking down tribal industry knowledge

Filled with vetted and industry-leading assets, our knowledge base is a catered stockpile of information designed to level up your professional stature and evolve as you do.

Expedited and automated procedures

By automating the mundane stuff like application fill-out pages and interview coordination, mana frees you up to focus on the important aspects of job hunting like researching, learning, preparing, and growing.

Automated tracking for a clearer mind

To bypass the waiting game, we diligently and automatically track your in-progress applications and serve up actions you can take that are proven to better your chance of success.
To avoid applications getting stale, your buildout preferences and applications progress state help us determine actions that you can take to better a given applications chance of success.

Level up with guided next-best actions

Built for the hardest part of the hiring process

Thanks to mana’s focus on emotional and core values, mana supplies businesses with applicants that are a culture fit far before their first interview.

Hey, it's Jonathan

I designed mana. I'm currently creating products at Workday where I specialize in interaction and system design. Professional knoller, part-time Canadian, full-time plant guy.

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